Discovering Joy through Zoom

Every day, as we all are, I am doing my very best and sometimes that in and of itself can feel quite overwhelming. From moment to moment the choices my husband and I have made range from having heated debates with strangers and friends, to spending quiet, quality time at home completely unplugged, to just … Continue reading Discovering Joy through Zoom

Merry Christmas from V!

Happiest of holidays to all from #healthylivingbyv 🎄🎁✨🤗 Stay tuned into the new year as lots of new and exciting ways to join me will be coming soon!!! 💕 #yoga #yogaphilosophy #yogateachers #210yoga #ayurveda #pranayama #meditation #ryt200TT #ryt200 #eryt200 #yacep #ryt500 #inthebliss

What is Ashtanga Yoga anyway???

Join me THIS Saturday at 5 Points Local for an Ashtanga Yoga Method Workshop to find out!!! We'll explore a bit of the history and the philosophy along with a deep dive into the method of Ashtanga Yoga. Broaden your understanding, deepen your own practice and enhance your overall experience of yoga. Register online today … Continue reading What is Ashtanga Yoga anyway???

This week with V…

We're kicking off Full Primary Led at Hamsa School of Yoga and Ayurveda this Saturday, the 29th with the final installment of our Beginners Ashtanga Series from 9am - 11am...only $35 to join us!!! Beginning the following Saturday, May 6th from 8am to 930am, join V for Primary Led every weekend!!! Check out for … Continue reading This week with V…

Be Careful of Your Words

   Too important not to share... "Be careful of how you talk to yourself." -Taylor Hunt Marichyasana C (and all super deep twisting postures) was a posture I didn't ever really try to find. Thoughts about my body's ability (or inability) to do certain things kept me in very comfortable modifications for years. Taylor blew … Continue reading Be Careful of Your Words