The Healing Journey Workshop

The first Healing Journey Workshop will be at Nourish Healing Collective on Saturday, November 20th from 1pm-3pm!!! This will be the first in-person workshop covering the mental and emotional healing tools provided in my book. Come join me, maybe bring a friend or two, and let’s have a conversation about what healing can look like … Continue reading The Healing Journey Workshop

November Events with V!

I’m so excited to offer more events to come chat with me in the coming months! The feedback for The Healing Journey has been so overwhelming and I could not be more grateful or more humbled. Modern day science and research shows us the benefits of gratitude, vulnerability, and creating new neural pathways for mental … Continue reading November Events with V!

It’s so nice to meet you!

Hello! 👋 It’s so nice to meet you! 🤓 If we haven’t talked yet, I’m V✌️ I teach Ashtanga Yoga, workshops on Yoga Philosophy, basic principles of Ayurveda, and Intuitive Eating. My classes and workshops can include Pranayama, meditation, and various lifestyle tools for emotional healing and holistic health and wellness. I am also the … Continue reading It’s so nice to meet you!

Meet the Author / Q&A Event

Attention all current and future readers of The Healing Journey!!!Looking forward to chatting with you if you get a chance to come out!•Join me for a Meet the Author / Q&A Event in the courtyard of Lucy’s Vegan Bodega next month! Bring a friend, bring your questions, enjoy some great local treats, holiday specials, door … Continue reading Meet the Author / Q&A Event

What Are You Creating with Your Words?

In The Healing Journey lessons about the power of our words and speaking our truth through the lens of The Four Agreements and the fifth chakra are provided. It can be a humbling realization to understand how much we create through the vocabulary we use and the words we let pass through our lips especially … Continue reading What Are You Creating with Your Words?

A Quest for Well-Being Podcast Interview

Excited, nervous, and humbled to share my first podcast interview hosted by Valeria Teles available now on A Quest for Well-Being. Find it anywhere you get your podcasts or through her main website here. As quoted on— Through the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda we are taught that, in the simplest terms available, … Continue reading A Quest for Well-Being Podcast Interview