A Thought on Prayer, Meditation and Purpose

As we speak the intentions of our will from our heart before we manifest them into words we allow the universe to flow through us and deliver blessings in abundance.

Oftentimes we contradict the message of our heart with words that harm ourselves or others which then blocks the natural flow of goodness, challenges and growth.

Listen to the prayers etched in your heart and speak them clearly, honestly, without fear and allow the blessings of life to flow.


A Thought on Disconnecting:

The sooner we are able to disconnect ourselves from other people, their words and their actions, the sooner we find true freedom. When we understand that we all have our own journey, experiences and insecurities and that we don’t have to own those in which others express, we then begin to focus our energy inward rather than react to outside influences.

Replacing negative thoughts before they are shared with blessings of peace and love not only sends them outward but returns to you as well. This is how the cycle of true happiness can replace one filled with pain, resentment and regret. Even the most subtle effort to disconnect can begin the process to finally let go and let love in.