Forever Learning, Forever Sharing

Teaching various principles of love, compassion, health and wellness through lectures, advice and the practice of Yoga creates a kind of joy within me that seems only to come from loving and nurturing others.

It is from a humble place that I share ideas, thoughts and struggles that often I myself am going through from one moment to the next. If one ever wants to know what my challenges are, you can hear them through the advice I give as I am forever a student, learning as I go, learning as I teach.

With all my heart, I love what I do. Join me in a journey for personal growth and exploration through physical, mental and emotional development. Let’s discover more blessings of this world we live in…together.


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A Thought on Ownership

The next time you refer to yourself or your life with a “joke,” in a sarcastic manner, putting yourself down or referencing something that can be changed in a negative way, take ownership of what your heart is truly speaking at that moment.

Don’t wait for someone else to come along and fix or fill your void. Don’t wait for external circumstances to be the answer to your peace. This is your life…choose to live it to the fullest and the best of your ability every day, starting now, starting with you.