Purpose and Intention

This past weekend I taught my first Yoga Sutras workshop in over two years and I am overjoyed. Guiding others to discover their purpose and intention through the Eight Limbs is a passion I feel to be firmly rooted within my own and I am grateful for each opportunity.

At its core, my yoga classes, lectures, lifestyle coaching, and written work stem from these principles. Exploring the choices we make through the lens of the Sutras is where our journey to self-discovery can transform us into our best possible selves.

What does your best self look like? Do you feel like something is missing? Maybe something doesn’t feel quite right. Maybe you know exactly what’s bothering you but you’re not sure how to get through it. Maybe you do know how but you’re having trouble getting started. Whatever it is, let me know.

Rather than overthinking every little thing, let’s just have a conversation. If and when you’re ready to learn and explore more, we can always take that step. In the meantime, send me your questions through the contact form and you can even keep it anonymous. My next blog post will be my advice to your individual questions.

Looking forward to connecting soon.

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