A Thought on Avoiding Injury in Fitness

Build a strong foundation by easing your way into any new activity...slowly, with consistency but also with sufficient periods of rest and recovery. Find that place between ease and effort. Challenge yourself to reach your edge but never push past it. Learn your body's signals of over-exertion and pain and pull back, modify, adjust or … Continue reading A Thought on Avoiding Injury in Fitness

A Few Thoughts on Nourishment

It's time for us all to let go of the idea of low calorie diets and begin to understand what it means to truly nourish ourselves. Consuming natural, whole food sources that provide lean protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats for our bodies to run efficiently is the best place to start. Clean, unprocessed foods will … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Nourishment

A Thought on Happiness

True happiness is discovered and developed from within. It won't be found in another person, a circumstance, an image, a substance or an event. Through your actions, behavior, mindset and focus you have the power to establish *your* happiness...and then the people, the surroundings and your new reality will follow. ~V~