A Thought on Avoiding Injury in Fitness

Build a strong foundation by easing your way into any new activity…slowly, with consistency but also with sufficient periods of rest and recovery. Find that place between ease and effort. Challenge yourself to reach your edge but never push past it. Learn your body’s signals of over-exertion and pain and pull back, modify, adjust or stop as necessary. Learn from those of us who had to learn the hard way–do what you can to protect, love and care for the one body you have in this life. Keep it active, keep it fit and keep it safe allowing it to continue to support and care for you through all you continuously ask it to do.


A Few Thoughts on Nourishment

It’s time for us all to let go of the idea of low calorie diets and begin to understand what it means to truly nourish ourselves.

Consuming natural, whole food sources that provide lean protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats for our bodies to run efficiently is the best place to start. Clean, unprocessed foods will fill us up faster and give us what we need to feel and be balanced.

Does that mean we have to stop enjoying food from now on? No. In fact, it can be enjoyable to eat clean, natural foods, we just have to try it consistently enough to develop the habit.

Does that mean we NEVER indulge and we give up alcohol forever and ONLY eat and drink natural food sources? No. Straying that far away from whatever you enjoy now will not be realistic nor sustainable.

Does that mean we TRY to make healthy food choices at LEAST 80-90% of the time and make a consistent effort to limit our indulgences to only 10% of the time? Absolutely!

Start with whatever you typically eat and drink now and then make adjustments from there. Be aware of what you enjoy, why you enjoy it and who or where you happen to be when you do. Then you can identify when indulgence becomes more than that 10-20% of your daily, weekly and monthly habits and you can start opting some of them out for healthy alternatives.

Once we see how food can nourish us and we choose to do so 90% of the time (especially combined with muscle-building physical activity) calories no longer become the issue or a concern.


A Thought on Happiness

True happiness is discovered and developed from within. It won’t be found in another person, a circumstance, an image, a substance or an event. Through your actions, behavior, mindset and focus you have the power to establish *your* happiness…and then the people, the surroundings and your new reality will follow.


A Thought on Judgment

Be conscious of how you judge even the smallest things…not just other people or random events but how you choose to perceive the way you look today, a choice you make, a comment you hear or measurements you take. Deciding whether any of the above are “good” or “bad” is your choice to view it that way. You don’t have to own it, you can choose to let it go the second it’s presented to you. You can move on, move forward, knowing that you’re doing the best you can at everything you choose to do.