What’s Your Motivation?

What's Your Motivation? During my first presentation regarding weight loss and healthy living, I requested that attendees share with me their primary challenges as well as their overall wellness goals.  This allowed us to talk about the different factors that can disrupt an attempt at healthy living (such as loving to eat or having a … Continue reading What’s Your Motivation?

Build Strength with Rest and Recovery

Build Strength with Rest and Recovery There’s a very important aspect to overall health that doesn’t get as much attention as regular exercise and good nutrition but is just as important for our overall well-being:  Rest & Recovery.  As I visit with everyone from fellow athletes, students in a variety of exercise classes and trainers … Continue reading Build Strength with Rest and Recovery

Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything It’s so exciting to see and hear everyone’s enthusiasm as they all make such amazing strides to reach their goals!  Every day between posts, I am constantly listening to and observing some amazing journeys which inspire each of these write-ups every week so here goes! The path to wellness is so much … Continue reading Attitude is Everything

Low Calorie Diets???

Low Calorie Diets??? My best friend, Ingrid, has a fitness group known as ME Time Fitness (or "TEAM INGRID!" depending on who you ask!).  The amazing energy and enthusiasm she creates motivates us all to make healthier life choices including (but not limited to)  regular physical activity, hydration and better nutrition. Just last month I … Continue reading Low Calorie Diets???