Holiday Tip#3 – Fill Up and Always Feel Satisfied!

Before you hit the dessert table or even the main course, don’t ignore that fruit and vegetable tray! Filling up on clean, whole, raw fruits and veggies will help you fill up quickly with the nutrient-dense good stuff and with minimal calories and unnecessary additives.

Keep the dressing, oils, creams and extra sugars to a minimum (if not avoid them completely) and still enjoy the other courses to your heart’s content! This healthy habit over the next couple of months will keep you feeling lighter and still fully satisfied without deprivation. Eventually you might even retrain your cravings to opt for more clean, whole foods without really trying.



Holiday Tip#2 – Try Something New!

This is one of the best times of year to try out a new activity, gym/studio or even a new instructor. The hustle and bustle of the holidays can use something new to break up the stress (or monotony) of your typical routine this time of year.

Don’t let yourself fall into a rut as indulgences become more of a focus. Take a walk/jog/run before or after breakfast/work/dinner, try a different workout routine or a new style of an activity you already do. Meditate 5 mins a day and increase the time spent for yourself a little each week!

Change it all up or just one small thing and explore new ways to challenge, strengthen and empower your body, mind and spirit.


Happy Holiday Tip: Choosing Wisely

It’s already that time of year!!! Let’s enjoy the holidays with healthy living tips that will take us through to a great new year.

Today, start choosing your commitments and ultimately your indulgences wisely. With a likely influx of holiday party invitations make the most out of places you truly want to be, people you really want to be with and enjoy those treats and activities that help you make the most of each experience. This is a time of fun and celebration so enjoy what you can, limit the stress of obligations and plan to only indulge in moderation aiming for quality instead of quantity.

Happy Holidays!!!