Holiday Tip#3 – Fill Up and Always Feel Satisfied!

Before you hit the dessert table or even the main course, don't ignore that fruit and vegetable tray! Filling up on clean, whole, raw fruits and veggies will help you fill up quickly with the nutrient-dense good stuff and with minimal calories and unnecessary additives. Keep the dressing, oils, creams and extra sugars to a … Continue reading Holiday Tip#3 – Fill Up and Always Feel Satisfied!

Happy Holiday Tip: Choosing Wisely

It's already that time of year!!! Let's enjoy the holidays with healthy living tips that will take us through to a great new year. Today, start choosing your commitments and ultimately your indulgences wisely. With a likely influx of holiday party invitations make the most out of places you truly want to be, people you … Continue reading Happy Holiday Tip: Choosing Wisely