The Healing Journey Workshop

The first Healing Journey Workshop will be at Nourish Healing Collective on Saturday, November 20th from 1pm-3pm!!!

This will be the first in-person workshop covering the mental and emotional healing tools provided in my book. Come join me, maybe bring a friend or two, and let’s have a conversation about what healing can look like for you.

Many of us go through life struggling to handle difficult situations and we don’t typically know where to begin. Handling intense emotions, managing complex relationships, or even just dealing with day to day stress can often feel overwhelming. Learning simple tools to live better through the principles and philosophy of Yoga & Ayurveda has the potential to improve the way we handle those challenging life experiences. Join me as I guide you through various mental and emotional grounding techniques in order to help you and those around you begin to heal.

This workshop is $45 per person or $80 for two attendees unless you already pay a monthly rate for classes and workshops. Special holiday pricing on books will be available during this event as well.

Contact me directly if you’re interested in attending or have any questions. For those attendees registered with Yoga Alliance this workshop will count towards 2 hours of your required CE credit.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you soon!

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