Turning Inward

As humans, we have a tendency to look outside of ourselves for joy and happiness. Searching for someone or something else for validation or peace often lets us down, never quite fulfilling our deepest needs. As a result the search continues on and on and on…

Alternatively, we can learn to turn inward and empower ourselves to see things differently. Yoga can be that tool for us to develop the skills needed to heal, to rediscover ourselves, and to live our best life. Let’s talk about how 🙏

I’m so excited to teach this workshop for @esthervexleryogaschool at @mbsfitnesssa on S Alamo St this weekend! Join me!!!

Be sure to bring your journal and a pen and be prepared to write plenty of notes from our discussion. Wear comfortable clothing as we sit in community and talk about taking our yoga practice to the next level 🕉

Register for your spot today on mindbodyonline.com for @mbsfitnesssa under Events!

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