Healing with Art & Yoga Workshop

I am incredibly excited about this upcoming workshop with Dr. Danessa Mayo next month! I hope you consider joining us as we share our many tools for health and mental wellness during such volatile times.

Join us for an afternoon of art and yoga for mental wellness. Healing With Art & Yoga: An Art, Yoga & Mental Health Online Workshop is co-hosted by Vernette V. Ayers, yoga teacher and author of The Healing Journey; and Dr. Danessa Mayo, a clinical psychologist and visual artist.

Learn from V about yoga & Ayurveda and how it can be beneficial for self-discovery as she shares important topics and concepts from The Healing Journey. Dr. Mayo will share about how art can be used for daily self-help and mental wellness.

V will then lead the group through a set of brief guided yoga practices, and Dr. Mayo will engage in an art demonstration on how to infuse mindfulness and other psychology-based coping tools in one’s art-making.

Attendees will have the option of receiving a gift bundle via mail with each ticket purchase.

Early-Bird Pricing is available right now!!! Check out the Eventbrite link for more details and to register today!

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