HLbV Update – Yoga with V!

Join V on the mat at the following locations and times! Tuesdays and Thursdays – All FMCU Employees at Gold Canyon – 530pm to 630pm *Saturdays – 5 Points Local for Progressive Flow – 830am to 930am *Every Sunday in February – The Vidorra Residents & Guests – 630pm to 730pm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Check websites regularly … Continue reading HLbV Update – Yoga with V!

A Thought on Avoiding Injury in Fitness

Build a strong foundation by easing your way into any new activity...slowly, with consistency but also with sufficient periods of rest and recovery. Find that place between ease and effort. Challenge yourself to reach your edge but never push past it. Learn your body's signals of over-exertion and pain and pull back, modify, adjust or … Continue reading A Thought on Avoiding Injury in Fitness

Commit with Awareness and Keep it Simple

Commit with Awareness and Keep it Simple When we take a look at all of the different programs available on the market for healthy living, it can be seriously overwhelming.  There are so many different theories, some of which are contradictory, and with all of the promises out there, how do you know which methods … Continue reading Commit with Awareness and Keep it Simple

Moving Beyond the Words

Moving Beyond the Words Over the last several months, we've learned so many new ideas, tips, methods and even attitudes we can all use towards living a healthier life and reaching our personal goals.  It’s been encouraging to hear so many who sound really motivated and are definitely talking the talk.  There are daily declarations … Continue reading Moving Beyond the Words