Looking Back

As I begin to work on my second book, I’ve been looking back through this site which I developed in the Summer of 2013. In order to reconnect with how this all started, where I’ve come from and where I’ve been, I’m rereading stories, perspectives, and experiences that now feel like a lifetime ago.

Coming across Visualize Your Success, however, feels very, very current.

For those reading The Healing Journey you will recognize one of the primary tools I teach as “creation journaling.” This early post in 2014 doesn’t just address this technique I’ve used for the last ten plus years but it details my process and even has a picture of the actual meditations I used and desperately needed at the time.

I hope you enjoy revisiting the post or checking it out for the first time. I hope it adds a layer of motivation, inspiration, and understanding that a change of focus and attention really can work in time.

Oh, and just so you know–yes, everything is still absolutely true.

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