Meet the Author / Q&A Event

Attention all current and future readers of The Healing Journey!!!Looking forward to chatting with you if you get a chance to come out!•Join me for a Meet the Author / Q&A Event in the courtyard of Lucy’s Vegan Bodega next month! Bring a friend, bring your questions, enjoy some great local treats, holiday specials, door … Continue reading Meet the Author / Q&A Event

What Are You Creating with Your Words?

In The Healing Journey lessons about the power of our words and speaking our truth through the lens of The Four Agreements and the fifth chakra are provided. It can be a humbling realization to understand how much we create through the vocabulary we use and the words we let pass through our lips especially … Continue reading What Are You Creating with Your Words?

Is This Really Helping Me?

“Is this really helping me?” As I continue to have conversations with students, clients, and readers of The Healing Journey the practice of asking this simple question seems to provide the most significant shift in one’s readiness to do the work. It was, in fact, the first question that I began to ask myself which … Continue reading Is This Really Helping Me?

A Quest for Well-Being Podcast Interview

Excited, nervous, and humbled to share my first podcast interview hosted by Valeria Teles available now on A Quest for Well-Being. Find it anywhere you get your podcasts or through her main website here. As quoted on— Through the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda we are taught that, in the simplest terms available, … Continue reading A Quest for Well-Being Podcast Interview

Support Local Businesses!

The Healing Journey: A Guide to Self-Discovery should now be available to order online at your local bookstores! Supporting small businesses is the cornerstone of a thriving community. If you find yourself in the heart of San Antonio, check out The Twig at The Historic Pearl for your next book purchase. Shop small and shop … Continue reading Support Local Businesses!