Recognize Your Strength, Appreciate Your Growth

Recognize Your Strength, Appreciate Your Growth Strength was always a personal ambition of mine though it didn't reveal itself right away.  The idea of being “strong enough” to handle whatever situation mentally, emotionally as well as physically always felt important but I didn't actively pursue this growth until later in life.  Like many others, while … Continue reading Recognize Your Strength, Appreciate Your Growth

Break Through Your Plateau!

Break Through Your Plateau! Plateaus.  Whether it be within your weight-loss, fitness goals or general personal growth that you find your progress suddenly leveling off, first and foremost remember that it’s a perfectly normal phenomenon.  As always, you’re not alone AND you’re not doing anything wrong!  Quite the opposite in fact—you’ve been working hard, attempting … Continue reading Break Through Your Plateau!

Small Changes to Reach Long-Term Goals

Small Changes to Reach Long-Term Goals One of my favorite tips when it comes to reaching goals of any sort is to stick to changes that are so small you hardly notice the adjustment—especially when you’re reaching for big results such as in your overall lifestyle.  The only way to create lifestyle changes is with … Continue reading Small Changes to Reach Long-Term Goals

Build Strength with Rest and Recovery

Build Strength with Rest and Recovery There’s a very important aspect to overall health that doesn’t get as much attention as regular exercise and good nutrition but is just as important for our overall well-being:  Rest & Recovery.  As I visit with everyone from fellow athletes, students in a variety of exercise classes and trainers … Continue reading Build Strength with Rest and Recovery