What Are You Creating with Your Words?

In The Healing Journey lessons about the power of our words and speaking our truth through the lens of The Four Agreements and the fifth chakra are provided. It can be a humbling realization to understand how much we create through the vocabulary we use and the words we let pass through our lips especially on an unconscious and repetitive basis.

Think carefully about how often you repeat words and phrases that actually cultivate guilt, fear or shame rather than create space for love, kindness and compassion. When you hear yourself repeat things like

  • I regret…
  • It’s too bad that…
  • I should have / I shouldn’t have…
  • If only…

and so on, start to dig deeper at what you’re actually saying and ultimately continuing to create with those words. Guilt, shame, fear or resentment take hold as long as we focus our attention in this way.

In order to hold space for love and compassion, we first allow ourselves to fully experience the pain and discomfort by acknowledging their truth without adding to the narrative. At that point, we then practice to shift our attention towards a more kind response to what has come up for us such as

  • I used to do this or that but I am doing my best to do better now.
  • It hurts that things are this way but I am doing my best. I’m a good person and I pray for love and grace for others.
  • I did my best for who and what I was and understood at the time. I am doing my best to be better in each moment.
  • I trust that everything is as it is supposed to be and I can only do my best right now. I cannot change the past and I cannot know what things would be like otherwise but I am making the best choices I can from here on out.

This book was always meant to be a guide. Something with simple and practical tools to put into practice, little by little, every single day. Keep a copy in your bag or backpack or leave one in the car. Read and reread the chapters as you work to shift away from habits that no longer serve you. Listen to the reminders on repeat for as long as you need to. These were all essential steps for me to truly grasp the fundamental teachings of The Yoga Sutras, Don Miguel Ruiz and Caroline Myss among many others.

The more conscious effort you use today to create new habits that help propel you forward, the less effortful it will feel in time. The more space you create for love and compassion in actual practice, the less room you will have to waste your energy away.

Don’t be afraid to take up space in this world. Don’t be afraid to be seen. You are valued, worthy, and loved and you deserve your own kindness and attention. Start small, start with your words, start in each possible moment that you can…start today.

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