Cultivating Peace

Inner peace begins with our understanding that we are responsible for the use of our own energy. We must recognize when we simply react to other people, events, and circumstances rather than proactively create the world in which we live.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get tough. That doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be easy or any way at all for that matter.

What it does mean is that the better we are at paying attention to the small and seemingly insignificant moments, the better we get at not wasting our energy on the things that don’t support us or our growth.

Pay attention to what you are creating or attracting without realizing you are creating it. Pay attention to the subtle thoughts, the smaller habits, the words and phrases, the initial responses to your discomfort and commit yourself to work in that space.

Take time to pause, take time to breathe, acknowledge and own the power you have to recreate your reality and watch your potential grow from there.

Cultivating peace will not happen on its own. You must make the time and space for it to grow.

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