Owning Your Path

Two books I cite with utmost reverence in The Healing Journey are shown here alongside it. Both The Four Agreements and Wheels of Life are filled with wisdom that has inspired me and my own healing as well as how I teach and guide others. For many years I have referred and come back to these resources (among others also referenced in my book) to continue learning, growing, and evolving.

They remind me that when we wrap ourselves up in the chaos of each day or distract ourselves with the habitual mental chatter of shoulds, supposed tos, and if onlys we lose our ability to see ourselves—and the potential of our path —clearly.

To own your path is to stop overthinking each experience through the lens of anything outside of your authentic self. You can instead work to own the truths you choose to live by, ground yourself, feel your feelings, stand in your power, open your heart, express your true self, see clearly, and allow your higher consciousness to support and guide you forward.

What has inspired you along the way? Are there books, people, speeches, movies or music you quote that lights a fire in you?

Just as these resources have guided me, I hope you find continued support, inspiration, and healing from reading my words as well. Love and light to you as you own your own path of healthy living.

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