A Quest for Well-Being Podcast Interview

Excited, nervous, and humbled to share my first podcast interview hosted by Valeria Teles available now on A Quest for Well-Being. Find it anywhere you get your podcasts or through her main website firforjoy.org here.

As quoted on fitforjoy.org

Through the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda we are taught that, in the simplest terms available, the key to everything is balance. Whether it be through the balance of effort and ease, the grounding of our physical and energetic bodies, the balance of the natural elements within and around us, and even the idea of work-life balance opens the door to everything else we are looking to achieve. It could not be a simpler concept: A healthy balance within body, heart, mind, and spirit allows us to create more clearly, day by day, our best possible life whatever that may look like.

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