Holiday Tip#5 – Don’t turn your salads into desserts…

…or your veggies into “fat transports,” for that matter!

Taking nice, clean, whole veggies and adding a bunch of dressing, candied nuts or dried fruit just bumped up your calorie and sugar intake without any effort. Same goes for veggies that are battered and fried or happen to be drowning in butter, cream or cheese…that’s a lot of extra fat that isn’t needed and ultimately not wanted.

Keep your veggies as clean as possible by keeping dressing on the side and lightly dipping your fork with each bite or stick to dashes of oil, vinegar, salt & pepper.

For added sustenance think of only adding lean proteins, avocado for fiber and healthy fat and look for colorful veggies to add lots of flavor and texture to your plate. Learning to appreciate clean veggies can really improve your taste for good quality nutrition and lighten the load on your heart!



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