Holiday Tip#6 – Try ONE new strategy at a time and get creative!

There’s enough to think about during this time of year so don’t overcomplicate your healthy living choices.

Start one new physical activity, sport or workout and make it something you’ve always been curious about but never thought you’d try. With everything from Crossfit to Pilates to Water Aerobics…there’s something out there for EVERYONE and probably something you never thought you’d learn to LOVE!

Is excessive snacking or overindulging more of an issue? Make a conscious effort to skip those extra treats and commit to keeping a tally of every chance you have to give in but don’t. By the end of the day count up your total and transfer that amount in dollars to a savings account or an “I didn’t cheat jar.” By the end of the week reward yourself by watching your savings grow or buy yourself a little something to celebrate your accomplishments! Success is best measured in acknowledging the small steps we take to make the best possible choices we can every single day.

Cheers to Healthy Holidays!


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