Discovering Joy through Zoom

Every day, as we all are, I am doing my very best and sometimes that in and of itself can feel quite overwhelming. From moment to moment the choices my husband and I have made range from having heated debates with strangers and friends, to spending quiet, quality time at home completely unplugged, to just going through the motions of our daily routine to get through the day.

While none of us could have imagined what our world and the world around us would look like this year, one thing most of us can agree on is that we all need each other through this extremely delicate time.

As I have chosen to reduce my own personal engagement and consumption of social media, I am still committed to staying connected with those who have an interest in doing so. I am beyond grateful for the students I have had the pleasure of guiding and leading through their own healing journeys and my time with them every week through this intimate community has already saved me in many ways.

None of us knew what we could do with our time and talents through this virtual world and yet I’ve discovered so much joy by staying connected with others as we consistently give and receive communion and support through, of all places, Zoom.

For those who are in need of connection and community, a regular practice for healing, or at the very least a neutral sounding board for whatever might be going on in your world feel free to reach out and consider joining us:

  • Ashtanga Yoga with V twice a week
  • Breath+Sutras workshop once a month
  • Balancing the Chakras workshop once a month
  • Occasional Pop-Up Open Discussions

Use the Contact V page to ask your questions, request more information, and maybe even make a new connection.

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