Cutting Out the Junk

I’ve had a number of people ask about *Junk Food* and what to do about handling such an addiction of sorts.  We all face this challenge whether it’s soda, fast food, sweets or anything that you “love” that doesn’t fall under the category of Healthy & Nutritious 😉  In order to help manage this, here are some things to keep in mind and help minimize yet satisfy some of those cravings:

No one has said you need to eliminate anything out 100% completely.  In my first tip last week I mentioned “working towards cutting out the junk.”  I’m not sure how many of you caught that but the idea of making the attempt rather than cutting it out entirely does 2 things:  First, it allows your body to get used to LESS of the junk so you eventually crave it less AND it avoids any feelings of deprivation which will only make you want it more.  Eat a whole candy bar after lunch?  Take one or two bites and then put the rest away. Still think you need something sweet after waiting 5 minutes?  Drink a glass of water or have some fruit until you don’t want anything any more.  Same with a can of soda or a bag of chips–aim for at least half of the portion you used to eat and your body and taste buds will adjust to your new habits until one day it doesn’t even satisfy you like it used to.

Remember that we’re all human.  Food should be nutritious but also enjoyable! So another way to look at it is to try making food choices by using the 80/20 Rule.  If you consistently work at eating well and exercising at least 80% of the week, then you can afford a little treat 10-20% of the time but then get back on track!  Enjoy the moment that you indulge but don’t ever beat yourself up.  Remember everything we do is a choice, so if you choose a treat over working towards your goals accept it all at that moment and then move on.

The primary goals I have for you is to help you LOVE YOURSELF and LOVE YOUR BODY so remember that when you think you love soda or junk or anything you don’t actually NEED, ask yourself–which do you really want to love more???

Cutting Out the Junk

2 thoughts on “Cutting Out the Junk

  1. Thank you for your V-tip of the week. This is very helpful, sometimes it’s best to have a little bit than none at all. I find that if you deprive yourself of something (junk food) and don’t give yourself that “little bit” it tends to throw you into a binge. So using the 8//20 is much better than not having it at all, at least until you ween yourself off of the junk. I myself have a terrible addiction to sugary stuff and it’s all I can do to keep from going on a binge, but I find that the more protein I consume the less the sugar cravings get, so I’ve managed to change my breakfast routine to protein shakes and herbal tea mid-morning and I find that it works to fend off my cravings. Loving ourselves and Loving our Body should certainly be our first GOAL!!

    Another interesting thing that maybe you can explain in much better terms than I, is that I think there is such a thing as “Carb Addiction”, have you heard of such thing?? Because it seems like as long as I don’t take that first bite of a doughnut, candy bar, bread, etc. I’m okay, but once I take that first bite it’s like an alcoholic taking that first drink(???) Your thoughts…..

    • These are terrific points, Irene! Thank you for your comments and I really was hoping that these tips would also lead to open discussions so thank you for sharing additional concerns for us to explore!

      You and I have a lot in common because sweets have always been a very big challenge for me, too. I don’t want to focus too much on labels and a true “addiction” defines an inability to live without the substance and since there really is no chemical NEED for sweets, we can let go of that concept entirely. What we CAN do is retrain ourselves, our bodies and our taste buds just as we created the simulated “need” for sweets to begin with.

      What I did to change my habits and tastes were two things: I worked at not drinking my sugars (soda and sweetened drinks of any kind) and then to satisfy the craving for sweets I stuck to natural sources of sugar such as in fruits. Because we can have as MANY fruits (and vegetables!) we want, I increased that intake while minimizing the junk sources and now my tastes are much more sensitive to sweets and I just can’t handle it like I used to. It takes a minimum of 2 weeks to change, create or stop a habit but more importantly it takes consistency. It won’t happen overnight but with regular, daily attention to your choices one day you’ll take a bite of that doughnut and not only will it taste different but once it goes down your body will recognize that it isn’t as “satisfying” as it once was.

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