Low Calorie Diets???

My best friend, Ingrid, has a fitness group known as ME Time Fitness (or “TEAM INGRID!” depending on who you ask!).  The amazing energy and enthusiasm she creates motivates us all to make healthier life choices including (but not limited to)  regular physical activity, hydration and better nutrition.

Just last month I was able to do my first Health & Wellness Presentation for these wonderful ladies and it was such a joy!  As I personally opened up and shared my own story I then encouraged everyone to really use us both as resources for continued motivation and encouragement as they strive to reach their goals towards a healthy lifestyle.  The questions and personal challenges presented to me from this wonderful group are the primary source of the tips and suggestions I offer each week.

Remember, we’re all at different stages and our needs will evolve as our habits change so stay patient through the struggles.  The tips and advice will vary along with the people who open up to me so enjoy the variety of options shared and try them out to see which ones work best for you!

Health & Wellness Presentation for the ME Time Fitness Group with Ingrid Gatica-Lujan

Last Saturday a question was asked regarding eating out at restaurants and their “Low Calorie” meal options. To help everyone make better choices, here are the two main things to focus on whenever we eat out:

1) Learn to eat *nutritionally* rather than worry about calorie content.  You already know we NEED to eat fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains.  What we DON’T need are any saturated fats (fried foods, creamy sauces and dressings, etc.) and extra sugars (sweet drinks, sodas, etc.).  So aim for eating sources of protein, healthy carbs and healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, seeds and nuts) while working towards cutting out the junk!

2) Watch your portion size.  Restaurants tend to serve portions that are actually 2-3 SERVINGS in a single entree and that’s NOT including appetizers, desserts and drinks!  Whenever you sit down to eat at a restaurant, consider putting half of it away in a to-go container before you start eating so you can enjoy the rest of it later or share a meal with someone else.  Your body will soon adjust to the smaller portions and YOU WILL eventually NOT be able to eat a full entree of anything like you used to!

Any questions?  Comments?  Feel free to share and we’ll continue to address all of your needs so we can discuss them as a group.  Remember, you’re not alone!  We’re all in this together!!

Low Calorie Diets???

4 thoughts on “Low Calorie Diets???

  1. Thanks once again for your encouragement and your helpful Vtips!! The tips on restaurant choices were excellent will definitely be using them!!

  2. Yes thank you so so much for all your Vtips they really help and teach us how to make better choices for ourselves and to change who we were to who we want to become I’m so glad that I have such wonderful people in my life V you for showing us it’s possible to change and make better choices and Ingrid for her wonderful workouts 🙂

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