Welcome to Breath+Sutras

One of the greatest gifts of 2020 for me was joining the faculty of Hamsa Yoga School (RYS) to teach philosophy in their 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program. I loved the opportunity to facilitate an open discussion for new teachers to study the Yoga Sutras and help them discover how they might apply the principles to their own lives for themselves and their students.

While it was difficult for all of us to see how we could continue the term to completion from a distance, we did our best and managed to stay connected, maintaining as much as possible the bond we had established in person. This workshop is an extension of that original format established through Hamsa’s 200 Hour program but is open to anyone interested in joining the discussion. This way, when our programs are able to continue we can easily transition again, back into a physical space to reconnect in person.


While some details are available on my Services and Rates page, I think it’s worth it to dig a little deeper here to set some expectations for those interested, curious, and hopefully eager for more connection and community. If there is one thing to get us through the challenges of any and every difficult stage of our lives it is the ability to recognize we are not alone in our struggles. Having a safe space to open up and share or even just listen to philosophies and principles that may be helpful in our own journey towards healing is essential.

The first time I studied the Yoga Sutras in a group was through my own 200 hour yoga teacher training as a student and it was overwhelming. So much of it went over my head but it continued to tug at my interests to learn and understand more. The second 200 hour YTT I completed provided much more of a foundation as everything discussed was already familiar but it only then began to sink in for me in theory. Finally, the 300 hour YTT I completed through Hamsa is where everything actually started to take root through experience (also known as difficulty, pain, and processing wounds, etc.) and I began actually living and applying the principles just to get through it.

While we are all, always, a work in progress this is where I have found myself this year: more eager than ever before to share this philosophy and these theories of seeing ourselves, our lives, our purpose, and the world in an open and fluid, self-empowering and liberating way.

My students will tell you that I get very excited in these discussions and my passion is not something I try to hold back. It can be intimidating to join an unknown group talking about very broad concepts and how they may apply to each of us on a personal level, but that’s where I come in and continuously provide support. Establishing a safe space and encouraging everyone to explore and share and especially question whenever they’re unsure of something is really where we begin to learn and grow.

I tell my students repeatedly that this time we spend together is mutually beneficial as it helps me to continue my studies alongside them. The most significant support we can provide as teachers will come from our willingness to continue to learn and grow ourselves. Studying these principles with curiosity and always from a humble, kind, and compassionate place feeds my own soul and helps me guide others to do and be their best as well.

This workshop is available with me through Zoom on the 2nd Friday of every month. For those teachers registered with Yoga Alliance, these workshop hours will count towards your credit for continuing education. Feel free to schedule with me here. Hope to see you join us sometime soon.

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