Our Collective Awakening

We are experiencing a collective awakening.

We have been forced to slow down and find stillness and it has amplified systems of inequity, the self-righteous, and the oppressed.

I am a teacher impassioned by love and kindness above all else which compels me to stand up and speak out against all forms of hate.

Our greatest gift in recent years is the light in which we can now see clearly the abhorrent reality that too many people experience and we cannot remain silent or turn our backs any longer.

Thankfully, we are now awake and the part of us that feels pain, confusion, and discomfort when we see bigotry, misogyny, systemic racism, discrimination, and abuse of power can motivate us to ask questions, to listen, to learn, and to ultimately change what is socially acceptable in our communities and our world. It is time for these policies and social norms that subjugate and disenfranchise people to be eliminated once and for all.

Together we must take a stand, we must choose love, we must rise up.

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