Be Careful of Your Words

Too important not to share…

“Be careful of how you talk to yourself.” -Taylor Hunt

Marichyasana C (and all super deep twisting postures) was a posture I didn’t ever really try to find. Thoughts about my body’s ability (or inability) to do certain things kept me in very comfortable modifications for years. Taylor blew all of our minds yesterday with a new understanding of this beautiful practice and called me out for the words I used to describe myself before even attempting the posture with his guidance.

Like a miracle that isn’t really a miracle because the potential was always there, he guided me into the full expression of this posture with ease. I felt strong, safe and fully protected the entire time.
Taylor reminded me of a fundamental truth that I thought I was living because I know I’ve been teaching it to others:

Be careful of the words you use when you talk to yourself. Be careful of how you describe yourself to others. Be careful of how you think of yourself in the quiet of your own stillness. Be careful of the stories you tell and your version of the “truth.”

Even in jest, even in the innocence of subtle comments made in passing, pay attention to the words you use…they will create your reality.

Love & Light,


*Picture taken at Southtown Yoga Loft in San Anyonio TX during an Ashtanga Immersion Weekend Workshop with Taylor Hunt 

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