As my schedule continues to change and I fill my days and weeks with more and more activities, I find that I’m making less time for things that I still truly enjoy.  One of which was keeping my house clean and in order but I’ll keep working on that.  The other is writing this blog which I am so passionate about but can take hours out of any day.  Since I’m naturally long-winded I’m going to start focusing on one simple swap or adjustment that either continues to work for me or something new I’m willing to try and maybe we can work on one new change at a time together.

Darn this sweet tooth!

This week is going to be all about keeping this sweet tooth of mine in check.  I’ve said it over and over that I’m no fan of deprivation.  I just don’t believe in cutting out an indulgence because for me that often means a binge of said sweetness whenever my willpower is a little on the weaker side.  I’m much more of a fan of making the best choices possible 80% of the time and allowing a bite or two of something here and there.  But after the last several months I went way past “here and there” in the sweet department and now am having to readjust my habits, again.


So my quick adjustment for as long as I need to break that sweet tooth habit is to flank each desired indulgence with as many fruits as possible.  The natural (water-based) source of sweet combined with the added benefits of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber will gradually train my body to be satisfied with the good stuff and eventually crave it more.  It has worked for me before and it’s starting to work for me again now.  I’m armed with pieces of fruit at home, at the office and anywhere I go and if I see a piece of chocolate I really want to try or a cookie that I decide I don’t want to pass up before it goes the fruit and then after as well.  I do this with my meals, too.  It’s already starting to help adjust my cravings and I’m feeling much more in control which feels like such a relief after these last several months.

It’s my opinion that you can never have too many fruits–or vegetables, for that matter.  It’s true that it would be taking in extra calories and sugar to eat fruit before and after everything else or even if you weren’t really hungry but compared to the alternative, I’m willing to take in that excess.  Mostly because I’m trying to create a good habit which can’t be done by eliminating foods that we crave.  I find my body responds much better by developing a new craving for a more nutritious option than to just cut out something it’s used to with no alternative for satisfaction.

If you have the same tendency as I do towards sweets try this tip out and let me know what you think!  It takes at least a couple of weeks to create a new habit so stick with it and stay consistent and maybe we’ll revisit this one again next month.  Cheers to healthy living!



Darn This Sweet Tooth!

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