Be Careful of Your Words

   Too important not to share... "Be careful of how you talk to yourself." -Taylor Hunt Marichyasana C (and all super deep twisting postures) was a posture I didn't ever really try to find. Thoughts about my body's ability (or inability) to do certain things kept me in very comfortable modifications for years. Taylor blew … Continue reading Be Careful of Your Words

Ashtanga is coming to 5 Points Local!

Join me on Tuesday nights beginning March 1st from 545p - 7p for Ashtanga - Modified Led Primary at 5 Points Local! Ashtanga is a traditional yoga practice which includes a set sequence of postures beginning with sun salutations to heat up the body followed by a series of standing postures, seated postures, back-bends and … Continue reading Ashtanga is coming to 5 Points Local!

HLbV Update – Yoga with V!

Join V on the mat at the following locations and times! Tuesdays and Thursdays – All FMCU Employees at Gold Canyon – 530pm to 630pm *Saturdays – 5 Points Local for Progressive Flow – 830am to 930am *Every Sunday in February – The Vidorra Residents & Guests – 630pm to 730pm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Check websites regularly … Continue reading HLbV Update – Yoga with V!

Saraswati’s Gift of Awakening

Saraswati.  Goddess of knowledge.  Goddess of wisdom.  Goddess of knowing. Somewhere in the vast darkness grows her gifts of light. She offers us gifts of creation.  Gifts of true wisdom. And so, Saraswati reveals herself to me. She sat by my side.  She introduced herself. I made a polite gesture and smiled. I sat for … Continue reading Saraswati’s Gift of Awakening