Breath+Sutras ✨

In these trying times we come back to that which keeps us whole, grounded, and free—our breath and our perspective on life and the world around us.

I provide weekly classes to help those who join me stay connected with community, express themselves through physical yoga postures, and feel supported during a time of isolation.

If there was ever a time for many of us to feel grateful for what we have it is now. If we have our health, the safety and security of a home, plenty of food and water to stay nourished, clothes on our backs and for some of us continued income to pay our bills, then we are doing pretty well in the scheme of things.

Still, that is not to say that some of us are not struggling in one way or another. There is oftentimes pain that cannot be seen. There are fears that are buried deep within. There is anxiety when dealing with the unknown. So for those who are in need of additional support, I encourage you to do your best to breathe, connect, and to share. You are not alone but healing requires us to open ourselves up and allow ourselves to be seen.

For students who join me on a regular basis I am offering a chance to connect semi-monthly for Breath+Sutras. We will start off with grounding the body and mind using our breath through Pranayama (breathing exercises). Once we are centered as a group we will begin an open discussion on the Yoga Sutras and dive into those principles that can help ground our mind and heart as well. In the context of the world around us there seems to be no better time for a healing practice such as this.

A synopsis of each gathering will be shared on this platform for those interested in the practice but are unable to join us. I only hope to encourage peace and loving kindness through everything I do. May those who need it find solace in this space and anywhere we can.

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